Carbon Showroom: Crazy Crewnecks

CloudsWhat can I say about Carbon Showroom? I honestly don’t know if I hate it, love it, love to hate it, or hate to love it. Regardless, it’s some cool stuff.

Disappointingly they only have two men’s clothing designers, both of which only carry crew-necks (Actual Pain carries some tanks and tees on their website as well), but they are some of the most unique sweaters I’ve ever seen. America

The first is called BOMBSWEATERS, and they make, you guessed it, some pretty bomb sweaters. They’re pricey, anywhere from $80 – $110, but in their defense they are apparently custom made to order. These prints are big, bold, and in your face, but some of them, like the clouds or hamburger crewneck, could make an interesting piece to incorporate into your wardrobe if you have the cohones to pull one off.

The other men’s designer on Carbon Showroom is called Actual Pain. They have some really interesting designs on their sweaters, ranging from a triangle representing America’s economic class division to a pentagram with the words, “I am Magical Motherfucker”, surrounding it. The only negative comment I have about their clothing is that their color palette is made up of only three colors: black, white, and grey.

All in all Carbon Showroom is definitely worth a visit and a good look through.


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