Hawaiian Prints


Last year Mac Miller released his “Wear my Hat” music video, and I’ve been looking for a slim fit Hawaiian polo desperately since then to no avail. But it would appear that Hawaiian prints, especially on polos and bathing suits, are big this year.

Cubavera makes a nice line of “Floral” polo shorts that you can pick up at Macy’s for about 60 bucks. Polo Ralph Lauren also makes a very nice pair of Hawaiian print shorts, also called floral shorts, these guys will cost you at least 80 dollars no matter where you go. My favorite Hawaiian shirt so far though is the ‘Paradiso Floral’ Print Rayon Shirt by Insight, it’s on the racks at Nordstrom for about 70 big ones. It’s a Hawaiian dress shirt yes, but it’s slim cut like a polo, so you won’t look like an old man in Miami. There’s also a TON of bathing suits floating around with this type of print, as long as you keep it slightly above the knee and it doesn’t have a cargo pocket, you should be fine.


Obviously you can’t get too crazy with the prints. If you’re going to wear something Hawaiian keep the rest of your outfit solid with matching colors. Here’s an example of the right way to pull one off from Christian C on www.lookbook.nu. Notice that the black color in the chinos matches the black trees in the shirt, make sure you’re doing something similar to pull off the prints you like.

A pair of khaki or colored shorts, a good fitting polo, some glasses and a straw fedora and you’re ready to hit the shore this summer. Try them with some jeans or chinos in the spring if you really can’t wait for the beach weather.


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