Can we talk about Flowers for a minute?

Ok guys, lets talk about flowers. Throw your homophobia aside and go get a shirt with a nice floral print. If you can pull it off, the ladies will love the fact that you have the cohones to wear roses in public.

Same as always, don’t mix prints, but if you can find a floral shirt and a nice hat with a similar pattern then go for it, ask a female if the patterns match first though, they know better, trust me.


Floral prints are everywhere, and you don’t have to shop designer brands to find them. The floral shirt in the picture (courtesy of @a_gftd_thnkr via Instagram) is from 10 Deep and will run you about $44. Here’s another floral print shirt from 10 deep, this ones a lot pricier, $96, but its a good idea to start from when looking for floral shirts. Urban Outfitters also some nice prints, but like 10 deep, the long sleeve dress shirts are on the pricey end. They do however carry flower print hats, like this one here.


If these shirts are out of your price range, you can try some of the bigger department stores. I’ve gotten lucky searching Macy’s a few times for “Men’s Floral”, but I have to admit that the options are minuscule and the better ones are expensive.

Your best bet to really get a good deal on a nice floral print is to sign up for a site like Jack Threads or Gilt Man that runs daily deals on a variety of underground streetwear brands. I have both apps on my phone and check their new selections just about everyday, but things sell out quick so make sure you know when sales you like start so you can check them when they are well stocked versus the slim pickings the next day.



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