Critter Prints

While visiting family in Florida, I stopped into the Orlando mall to check out the menswear at the other corner of the eastern seaboard. Buried behind the Truckfit and over-sized Hawaiian shirts, I found an extensive Polo Ralph Lauren section in Dillard’s that had two prints I instantly fell in love with.


The lobster polo and the hunting dog shorts are unique, cut well, and they look pretty damn slick as well. Sure enough GQ mentioned critter prints in their 2013 Spring Trends report and I have a feeling that these are going to get very popular as the northeast warms up a bit. These Ralph Lauren articles will run you at least $100 each however I found some other critteresque shorts and shirts while shopping around the larger department stores, here are a few worth checking out.


IZOD –Macy’s – $64

Zanerobe –Nordstrom – $99

Arizona – JC Penny – $20

Remember these are going to be harder to find for a decent price, but as spring approaches a lot more should be popping up. Throw these critter prints on with plain colors, let them be the center of your outfit, and you’ll be sure to get more then a few looks this spring.

Also, another great spot to find critter prints is the J Crew Factory Website, they have everything from shorts to ties to dress shirts, all for under 60 bucks, definitely worth a visit.



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